Stereofloat - Crashed

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Stereofloat - Crashed

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Thank you for this incredible soundtrack. We recently used it for our community video at littleBits. Here is the link to the video https://vimeo.com/66350721

I am a photographer/filmmaker (non-commercial) who would like to use this song in an upcoming project. (Like so many others here) :) I would appreciate some information if this is possible :) Thanks!
How can i get it?

I would like to use your song Crashed for a video project at my university. I intend to provide you with credit, and the video will reflect on the education system that exists today. Please let me know if this is possible. I really appreciate your music and I feel it expresses the feeling i am searching for.

Thank you,
nice one
Just for the records.. Humberto and I got in touch :-)
Hey! Nice sound...im a filmmaker searching for musics for my upcoming films/clips. Can we get in touch to talk a bit about it?


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