Cool Kid Radio 38- Unsolved Mysteries

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1:20 Sex Room-Ludacris feat Trey Songz
6:45 Im Back-T.I
10:20 Beamer, Benz, or Bentley-Lloyd Banks feat Juelz Santana
13:30 Unsolved Mysteries part I
15:55 Never Been-Wiz Khalifa
19:05 Unsolved Mysteries Part II
22:00 Shut it Down-Drake feat Thee-Dream
25:55 Smack Marcus #POW of the Week
28:15 Im Single-Lil Wayne
33:45 Pretty Bog Swagg-Souja Boy
37:30 Kingsrowe Local Artist-Stupid Fruity Hookah-Kreg & Dez
42:15 Piles giving away mortgages and college tuitions?
44:30 There goes my Baby-Usher
49:00 Throwback Jam
53:05 D*ck Slang? Gay or Ok?
56:30 Panty Dropper/Neighbors know my name UNPUGGED-Trey Songz

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Ever have crazy thoughts and questions that you can’t seem to answer? Well if you don’t, WE DO! Help us solve some of lives greatest mysteries, if you dare! Also in the news, The Smack Marcus Pow of the week, Piles giving back to his community and the new dance called the D*ck slang, all in Cool Kid Radio, the Cool way to Radio!

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