Think Different Soundtrack (Remake)

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En español:
Insphire estoy haciendo un video de 30 segundos para un concurso de vídeos de la escuela, y me gustaría aprovechar esta pista de música para el video. Pido permiso para usar esta pista. Yo realmente apreciaría si usted me puede escribir un correo electrónico darme el permiso para utilizar esta pista de música: abhipokhrel@gmail.com. Voy a dar todo el crédito a usted por usar su música. Gracias.

In English:
Insphire, I am making a 30 sec video for a school video competition, and I would like to use this music track for the video. I am asking for permission to use this track. I would really appreciate it if you could write me an email giving me permission to use this music track: abhipokhrel@gmail.com . I will give all credit to you for using your music. Thanks.
That is a really nice remake !

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A remake of Apple’s Think Different soundtrack

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