Cool Kid Radio 41-Black Racist

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1:20 Im Back-T.I
5:05 We be Steady Mobbin-Lil Wayne feat Gucci Mane
10:10 Show Out-Roscoe Dash
13:20 Are black people racist
17:45 Unthinkable Remix-Alicia Keys feat Drake
22:00 Do Black People have the right to be racist?
26:10 Big Booty Judy-K-Mac feat Chris Brown and Ludacris
30:15 Smack Marcus #POW of the Week
32:30 Shut it down-Drake feat The-Dream
36:20 Sex Room-Ludacris feat Trey Songz
42:00 Kingsrowe Local Jam
45:20 Nicki Minaj Sextape?
46:45 Atlanta Zoo-Gucci Mane feat Ludacris
50:15 Throwback Jam
54:50 Trey Songz Takin Rappers Girlfriends…SMH
58:00 O.M.G-Usher feat Will.I,Am

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In White America, it would be diffcult to think that other races could be considered racist. but today on Cool Kid Radio, we look deeper into the subject of racism and explore the possiblities of a "Black Racist." Also in the show, we ha...

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