Cool Kid Radio 42- Inside a Woman's Mind

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1:20 Beamer, Benz or Bentley-Lloyd Banks feat Juelz Santana
4:35 Women Lie, Men Lie-Yo Gotti feat Lil Wayne
8:15 Find your Love-Drake
11:25 Inside a Woman's Mind Part I
16:35 Turn it Up-Mirshon feat Roscoe Dash
20:25 Inside a Woman's Mind Part II
25:10 Pretty Boy Swagg-Souja Boy
28:30 Smack Marcus Pow of the Week
31:00 Ride-Ciara feat Ludacris
35:20 Chuckin the Deuces-Chris Brown and Tyga
40:00 Kingsrowe Local Artist of the Week: So Simple-Ella Star
43:45 NBA Player Pimpin Mary Jane?
45:20 Love King (Remix)-The-Dream feat Ludacris
50:50 Throwback Jam
55:50 Missing a Dream or Ending a Nightmare
58:50 EFF GRANDAD-Lethal Interjection Crew
60:35 Made-Big Sean feat Drake

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This week on Cool Kid Radio, it gets raw, uncut, and real as we journey inside a woman’s mind no holds bared! So fellas listen up! Also, we got the Smack Marcus Pow of the week, a famous NBA player busted for trick&...

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