Cool Kid Radio 45 - The List

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1:30 Show Out-Roscoe Dash
4:50 MISS ME-Drake feat Lil Wayne
10:05 Stutterbug remix-Big Boi feat Rick Ross
13:00 The List part 1
17:05 Unthinkable Remix-Alicia Keys feat Drake
21:10 The List Part 2
25:00 Get yo Girl-T.I
28:10 Pow of the Week
32:05 No Bullsh*t-Chris Brown
35:20 There Goes My baby-Usher
39:45 Kingsrowe Local artist of the Week
43:05 Gucci's Secret Life in Jail
46:00 911 Emergency-Gucci Mane
51:05 Throwback jam
55:20 Trey Songz Invent Sex not Babies
61:05 Sex Room-Ludacris feat Trey Songz

Gone but not forgotten Catch us anytime


Thank You for the Support, Love and The loyalty
Cool Kid Radio

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We got :"thew List" See if your are on it!

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