Antiqcool Harvest Moon demo

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My pleasure Abby. If you need any more help, let me know. You can find out more about Antiqcool on their facebook page here... http://www.antiqcool.co.uk
Thank you very much, your cover version is all we are interested in and will be using it for a photographic project, nothing more. We appreciate you letting us use your material and thank you for providing us with the better mix

Hi Abby..

Absolutely...help yourself. Please note. Although I own the rights to the master recording of this cover song, I do not own the publishing rights. I can only give you permission to use my cover version. If you are concerend about obtaining publishing rights you will need to contact Neil Young's publisher. It looks like you are asking to use this track in a non commercial project (ie you won't be making any money from it)so I wouldn't worry too much. Thanks for using my music in your project. Btw there is a much more professional mix of that song here... http://soundcloud.com/antiqcool-tracks/h
My name is Abby Phillips and I am a photographic student at Newport University completing a project on advertising. I am in a group and we are currently collaborating with Crisis charity producing a video to generate awareness of the disadvantages of the benefit cuts. This song would be perfect to run alongside our video. Is there any chance you would give us permission to use it?

Thank you for your time
Abby Phillips (Newport University)

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"Harvest Moon" is one of the songs featured on the "Ark Angels" charity CD. 100% of the money raised from the sale of the CD will go to where it is needed most, helping animals in distress. For more information follow this link...

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