Take It away stereo

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Way to think outside the box on this. I like the reverb you have set on the vocals, it's not to heavy, but it's noticeable and feels natural. The bridge lyrics that you put in the beginning sounded a little forced, maybe if you just left a few key phrases in that would help. I really liked the syncopated percussion at the end it was pretty fluid entering in from the bridge but it felt a little empty without the accompanying instruments, almost like the song "fell out" dynamically when the guitars and string section dropped at the end. But overall it was a pleasing mix to hear, the levels were not overbearing at all, and it felt like you had all the tracks sitting together nicely.
i really liked it. the chorus outro was a little dragged out. really liked the ending. maybe put a little less reverb on the back ground vocals towards the end. overall really good job, very smooth.

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