"Vedavyasale Charana Kamala Bhramara" a Konkani Bhajan by Mahalaksh...

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Excellent Singing + Audio Recording
Beautifully sung with a lot of feeling and devotion .... good ~~`
Mahalakshmi Shenoy Karkala

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Mahalakshmi Shenoy Karkala sings "Vedavyasale Charana Kamala Bhramara" a Konkani Bhajan in her Album " Guru Guna Gana "Album released by Shree Sudhieendra Theertha Swamijee of Shri Kashi Mutt in 2003 Nov at Bangalore. Lyrics by Smt. Bharathi Shenoy mother of Mahalakshmi. Song Music composed by Mahalakshmi herself

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