Nine Inch Nails - Capital G mix

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Nine Inch Nails - Capital G mix

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Hi Dave.
Can I use your track as soundtrack to non-commercial video (fan-video)?
Nice use of EQ on guitars. Plus, I like the panning you were using. Very interesting panning! The panning is so epic! The bass sound swell. The drums was kinda low in the middle of the song. But the mix was good overall!
OK I am not a NIN fan, and the only song I've ever listened to by them is Fuck You Like An Animal, so I have no clue what a good NIN song sounds like. I do, however, know that this is a great mix. I agree with Xander, the claps are epic. Automation in the bridge was killer. Some levels were a little whacky for my taste, but as I said 4 lines ago, I'm a stranger to the NIN sound. Overall good mix.
The mix sounds pretty good. The triangle automation sounds sweet on the bass, and the echo on the VOX and claps fit really well. There are a couple sounds that feel crowded when there are a bunch of tracks going. Try using EQ to make things fit together better. Also some automation would be nice to keep the volume of the chorus from being so overwhelming. Overall it sounds really good man!
Great mix.

Bass swell was sweet
The clapping had a cool sweeping feel
Love the verb on the BG vocals
The crowd sounded like chewing...in the best way
Dave Chapman

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Using pro tools, added effects delay, echo, automation

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