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Good analysis - especially mentioning Valentine's Day and Easter. That's got to be the choclate equivalent of Christmas.
What do you think this companys does better than other company's?

the music bed is really solid - but try to stay away from songs with vocals. had you just the music, that would work fine.
'You also might have wanted to mention all of the different brands under the Hersey label - Jolly Rancher, Ice Breaker mints, Twizzler, Reese's, York, Zagnut, etc. Well…maybe not Zagnut but you see what I mean.
Nice energy, very informative and sounded professional. Your hook has a nice play on words, and the rest of the podcast made me salivate. It flowed pretty well and your articulate quite clearly.
Good job! Good vibe and a you were able to get a lot of info in a short amount of time. I liked your closing statement!
Great job bro! very smooth enjoy the hghostly intrumental in the background. Very clear vox and very well presented.
Xander Roseberry

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