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Great song intro - well done.

Some great facts and tidbits. tieing in obesity and Pepsi sales was an inspired fit. For now, that relationship certainly bodes well for Pepsi but should the tide turn, they have other beverages to push forth. And like you mention in Pepsi's 13% increase in sales since 2000, no decline seem imminent.

Overall, your voice is really hard to hear - it's too far in the mix. For this type of production, always lean to louder than quieter voice - plus use Biggie's voice to measure against your own - should be the same volume.
I like the opening song by Biggie.. what's it called?
The hook is great. What better way to catch people's attention than letting Biggie do so! Also, the facts placement flows nicely. Really like how the mix came out. It keeps attention while allowing the audience to clearly hear all of your important facts throughout the podcast.
haha, america is plus size
man i didnt know pepsi owned that much, the music fit very well and the words flowed with it.
im a Coke fan though
A little hard to hear what you were saying, but I didn't have my headphones, so that could have been why. Overall good job.
Wesley Hunter

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