take it away

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This mix comes is super strong. The kick and snare are nice and prominent. Perfect for this genre. I like.

The reverb on the snare sounds superb. On the hi-hats? The sound gets a bit washy for me.

I like the reverb on the lead vox. I don't think the lead vox ever get too hot. The strong rhythm section prevents that from happening.

The choruses sound good. The bckground vox and the guitar come in nicely to augment the instrumentation.

Nice edits at the end. you nailed them. The ending is great oo

I think just tweaking the reverb and what's being sent to it, would clean up the sonics and nearly make this mix perfect.

Nice job, sir!

I dig it.
sounds great
It's crisp and groovy Craig Casto. I like how you set the lead vocals a little bit back in the mix. Sounds like you drove everything foreword except guitars which sounds pretty good.

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