West Water Productions Interview

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The intro is great. Why not more music samples? And the excitement generated by this intro isn't continued.

Good question- what challenges did you find?

Order of interview - I think you needed to change to the order in which information appears. It's kind of all over the place. For instance, it's not until 1/3 of the way before we know what the company does. Pretty important information. the ending question is perfect but some of the information in the middle could be reorganized by topic a bit better.

sound quality is great. Edits are bit abrupt. Noises stop, rather than fade out.

We can hear the interviewer breath, move around and swallow.

Phone quality is surprisingly clear. nice job.

I was on his website while I listened. Pretty smooth site.
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An interview done with the CEO of West Water Productions, Dustin Kaeck. Interview conducted by Brandon Ohl.

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