Highway Patrol

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I have to start over. Ugh.


kick drum - awesome. Loud and pounding.

snare - automation is AWESOME! there's a snare that I hear in the left speaker. Most of the time keep that snare in the middle. But the extra pounding (reverb? room mic?) makes the "doing my job…part really stick out. totally dig the creativity and automation!

the bass and guitar seem weighted to the right. i'm listening on sony 7506's headphones and double checked their placement on my head. Kick's in the middle but the bass/gtr are heavily weighted on the right with the snare over to the left. Kick, snare, bass and vox are usually going to be up the middle.

what happens at the very end? The guitars fade early? the bass? Plus the cymbals get cut off. Hmm.
so, the very beginning and the very end need to be tweaked.
Tony wrote:
i like it alex.

c'mon Tony, you can do better than that.
i like it alex.

the very beginning sounded like he was on a CB through the headphones and now it doesn't such a bummer..the vox were right up front in the headphones and now they sound heavier on the right compared to the left side..maybe my creativity went a little too far but oh well i guess i still like how my snare comes in and out of the mix

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