Good at Heart

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Tony - GAH
oops - very intro gtr gets cut off.
pretty dry take on this song.

cymbals not too trashy, snare cuts through, toms are stereo

gtrs at a good level, lead vox is nice and on top of the mix

Towards the end…where are the vocals? There's some vox that are missing?

lead lines are nice and loud.

overall, very nice straight forward, no frills mix
tony wow I really like the git sound and I like were you have placed the drums in the stereo field nice mix
Everything sounds the good the vocals are nice and up front the drums are nice and compressed the guitars sound really good the only thing you didnt have was audiomation
I like instruments mixed back and the vocals sound awesome
Cool mix Tony. I like what you did with the vocals at the end. I also like how you really bring the guitar up at the end.

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