Calming Song

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Water as a accent sound? That sounds wild, like where you'd use a tambourine. So cool!

Add some delay to the chimey sound to add subtle complexity - the part is simple and I like that, calm should be simple, right? but just a hint of delay will add a nice layer that, for the average listener, might only reveal itself on repeated listens

Layer the strings with another sound when they come back in the second time for added interest.

the samples sound good - babbling brook and birds.

Sounds are well done. The snare, kick and bass seem to work together really well.
the bells reminded me of high school announcements. the creek sounded good. the mids seemed to be boosted a ton but i liked it. I liked it a lot. sounded like it could be a background song for a video game. ever heard of the game Earthbound for Super Nintendo? This song EXACTLY fits in that game. my favorite.
Was that your creek and birds sound effects, nice. very calming.

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