Cool Kid Radio 13-Haters

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Cool Kid Radio 13-Haters

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1:13 Empire State of Mind-Jay-Z feat Alicia Keys
5:46 Street Pastor Diss Track
6:28 Bedrock-Young Money (New Music)
10:50 Why We Hate Pt. 1
16:34 Hate-Jay-Z feat Kanye West
19:03 Drunk Uncle Unk on Haters
22:22 Walk Wit a Dip-Ca$h feat Dorrugh (New Music)
25:10 When Hating Goes Wrong
29:22 Invented Sex-Trey Songz Feat Drake
33:18 Headboard-Hurricane Chris feat Mario and Plies
36:55 Like it-Kem Joyce (Spotlight Artist)
41:43 Michael Jackson Secrets Revealed
44:12 For Real-T.I feat Mullage
48:03 Kristie Alley Has Jungle Fever
50:27 Transform You-Chris Brown feat Lil Wayne (New Music)
54:07 Throwback Jam
58:42 50 Cent rushed to the Hospital
62:10 No. 1 Sex Remix-R. Kelly Feat Keyshia Cole and T-Pain
Cool Kid Radio

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Kick it wit ya man SPdaCoolKid and Smack Marcus as special guest The Street Pastor and J Flu talk about haters, hating, and why we do it. Other special guest in the house as well! Also, Kristie Alley’s new relationship with a well known

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