Take It Away

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The first 2/3 of the song is great. Sounds are in their place. Lead vox is above the music but not too far. The reverb on the snare is really cool. It's big and splashy with the apporpriate decay time as to not keep bleeding into the next hit.

The strings may be a bit too loud. This is pretty common.High Frequency sounds don't need much volume to attract attention.

Cool tambourine panning in the 2nd chorus!

Obviously, the ending is a bit of a mess. It sounds like you had the back vox - which should then give you the rest of the tracks.

But don't let the ending discourage you, the first part sounds really nice
Freaking amazing with the instrument volume and reverb and the panning of the tamberine. However, there is a bit of a mess up during the last chorus of your song and you can hear the errors of your editing. Your kick becomes a little off at the start of the last chorus section. The vocals should be turned up a little more as well in my opinion but I was kind of at conflict with them because they blended in so well that it was hard to come to a conclusion over all. In the end the entire mix was good just be careful when it comes to copying and pasting. Make sure you have something to go off of to make sure its on beat.
Raised my spirits!
Good overall, I could definitely hear your reverb in the drums, not so much in the vocals. Great job dude.

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Mixing and editing of Take It Away

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