Take It Away

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Pretty good mix going on here. However, the bass and strings are too loud. The both are very powerful in their frequency range and drown out a lot of other sounds.

The lead vox is sitting at a pretty good level. Obviously that's super important.

You missed one of the snare fixes early on(right after the vox starts) . And what about the end? you didn't even try.]

The electric piano is at a pretty good level. I'd like to hear more of the background vox. They're pretty quiet. Turning them up and panning them around the lead vox would add depth and width to the mix.
I don[t
The snare's at a good level too.

Your bounce included some dead air at the head and a lot of dead air at the tail. Use the selector tool to grab just the part you want to bounce and excluding areas you don't
Smooth daddyooo!

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