Take it away fianl mix

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Your verses sound like a record, not a student project. I like the guitar a little louder. Some of the other guitar sounds get lost.I wouldn't mind a touch more reverb but it sounds sweet.

The bass and kick really compliment each other. And they're at the perfect volume. Sounds great in my car! The snare seems just a bit too loud.

Cool arrangement choice at the end (and btw, which you nailed the edit!)

The tambourine seems at a good volume. Is it panned in the middle? Open that up for width interest.

the mark tree sound may just be a bit too loud.

I'm debating whether I want the strings a bit louder. I like them at that volume in the choruses though.

The ending vocal seems a bit too loud. Near clipping maybe.

Really solid effort for a first mix.

In the Choruses your back up vocals are a little loud. The transition into your missing tracks was really smooth. I dig it broseph

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