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The compression on the acoustic is bringing out all the super low end. Did you put a hi-pass filter on this? That would take care of a lot of the rumble.

The voice is way too buried in the music. I can barely understand him, when he's singing quiet. The loud part are better - so for this song, that's about 1/2 the time I can't hear and 12 the time I can.

I dig the drums! Man, that sounds cool. I'd like more kick drum to drive the back beat and I can hear the 3m mic dirtying up the sound. Seems heavily panned tot he left. I like it a lot. I appreciate the effort and attention to trying something different.

Do you have a Master Fader on this track. If not you should. I think the whole mix is clipping, which is adding this layer of distortion to everything.
Love the drum sound! Did you pan it at all? It sounds like they are coming from the left, but it may be covered by everything going on in the right. That acoustic sounds real crisp, a lot fuller than what it did without compression. I dig it. Only negatives I have is I could use a touch more vocals. Other than that, great mix dude.

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I have enjoyed this project and I hope you will too.

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