Get In The Car

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This mix has a lot of muscle and a lot of distortion– which means there’s a lot of compression.
Almost across the board, the vocals need to be just above the music. In this mix, the music overwhelms the lead vox on numerous occasions. The advantage of a loud, big vocal is that it tends to make the entire mix louder and bigger.
The drums are really rocking. The cymbals get a bit splashy in some e parts – turning down the overheads would probably fix that. The kick drum is a little tubby and undefined. Some EQ for clarity would tighten that kick up. The snare sounds a bit distorted. Maybe it’s clipping somewhere – or maybe you’ve got a comp. cranked down on it. (The opening tom fill sounds distorted too)
The guitars are nice and thick. And in a good space (not too loud/quiet) The clean guitar in the 2nd verse might be too loud. I like the part but the 2nd verse is a specific part where the lead vox gets drowned out. The noisy little guitar solo before the last chorus seems to be hidden. That little part can pop out.
The background vox are a in a good spot. If there’s reverb, it’s very subtle. The back vox volume is spot on!
overall mix is pretty good, i like how everything blends in with each other well but is still separate.
couple things i noticed: bass gets lost a couple times in the mix, along with the kick. at the start the voxs seem a little funny to me, but the more you listen the better they sound.
overall i really like how you blended the guitars, it sounds killer.
Guitar track(s) could stand to be trimmed at the song's opening and the kick seems a little lost, but I really like how the vocals pan out to the sides real quick and then back.

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