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It’s fine to cut out the beginning, just complete the job. Either mute or use automation to complete the edit. Same thing at the end - use fades or automation to have each track end. That’s a bit abrupt and sounds like an accident, rather than intentional.
The chorus on the piano sounds kinda cool. It’s a bit tucked into he mix for as important a sound (it’s the melody between the vocals and needs to the attention as such.)
The kick and snare sound great. The kick could maybe use a bit more compression but the those two drums seem pretty consistent. The cymbals sound good.
The rich bass guitar is nestled in there nicely to support the rhythm section, although the bass could use more compression. There are notes that get lost, which makes the bass disappear.
The guitar solos are too quiet! Without the melody, the solos need to take over the same volume space that the vocals do
This one almost everyone missed – the messy drums during the backwards piano fill – there’s an obvious edit with cymbal bleed. That was a mistake in tracking and was never meant to stay –
The vocals sit nicely on top of the music but the volumes seem a bit erratic. Bussing all of the vox to a group would help wrap them together while maintaining a solid level.

Overall mix sounds awesome.

Drums- sit in the mix very well
Bass- Sounds very strong and clean.
guitar-not very present but sounds well where it is sitting
piano- could be more upfront in the mix at the start of the song.
vocals- reverb sounds very nice.
back vox- blend very well with each other
Did you cut out the intro to the song? It starts kind of weird. The mix is amazing. Your vocals are exactly where they need to be. The kick and snare are easily heard and I can definitely feel the kicks power. Excellent use of delay for the vocals and the snare if I'm correct. I think you're using a little automation on the piano and its working. Overall mix amazing! Everything is heard without having to strain. I'd say you've come a long way but you were always good at this. Might contact you for a little coaching. lol.

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