Turn Back

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Cool intro. Way to use your noggin. That’s a really creative way to start the song. IThe bass could have been taken out all the way even. It sounds cool.
Your opening music bed sounds great. The kick drum is a bit thumpy but consistent. The bass guitar is deep and tucked under and around everything else is a great way.
The acoustic gets lots a bit. The electric
There are times when the piano is where it needs to be. But there are other times when it’s tucked too far into the mix.
Cool tremelo effect on the xylophone. Sounds sparkly
A few of the delays are a bit too loud for my taste. That’s me, though.
The vocals, for the most part, sit in a good spot just above the music. There are some lines, especially when the high harmony is not there, that the vocals are a bi buried or lose their presence. Watch for that – if there are vocals, most listeners expect to be able to understand and don’t want to “hunting” for the vocals They need to sit in a predictable space.
You nailed the middle part by eliminating the stick clicks. Great job!
The ending pours it on doesn’t it? That’s where you need to opll elements out to make room for what’s important. Three melodies and the piano sounds like to much doesn’t it? When we tracked, we weren’t sure what we wanted to do at the ending – so those are all of our options. Be judicious – use only what you need to get the point across.
The cymbals get splashy at the end - automation would have helped you pull those down.
Really great mix man! Thought the drums sounded fantastic, and loved the reverb on the vocals. Also amazingly tasteful delays on the nows, overall I couldnt find any problems with the mix. Really good job man keep it up!
I dig the intro guitar and panning whateverthehell that as. The piano sounds like it's got some brilliant reverb tagging along, prime time stuff for a "The Fray" like radio hit. The low harmonies panned way out make me uncomfortable. It literally tickles my ears. Stop it.

I like how you used the xylophone because I couldn't get mine to sound right so I just ditched it. I really dig how the guitars are talking to each other in that little solo before the break down solo. The vox guitar sounds nuts. like an alien talking under water. The ending is epic. Good job buddy.

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