Mommy Mommy

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The drummer loves the floor tom! The drum sounds are pretty good. The snare's got a cool presence that cuts through the mix. The kick is a bit muffled but it's audible and has enough punch to help drive the song. Cymbals are never overpowering.

The bass guitar is a bit elusive. I like the hitting of the high notes but it's out of tune or the bass is hitting a couple of wrong notes?

What happens to your mix at 1;17? Everything changes.

I like the distortion on the vox.

I wish the guitar was a bit bigger/louder/deeper/less mono.

Um, the lyrics are kinda disturbing. "once again mommy fails!"

there are some noticeable band flubs that slipped through - most notably at the beginning and the end.

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Final mix of KKAT’s "Mommy Mommy"

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