Cool Kid Radio 22-XXX Pics

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1:15 Invented Sex Remix-Trey Songz feat Usher and Keri Hilson
5:25 Throw it in the Bag part II-Fabolous feat Drake
9:26 Tip of my Tongue-Jagged Edge feat Trina and Gucci Mane
13:24 Naked Pics part I
17:57 Take it Off-lloyd feat J. holiday and Nikki Minaj
21:28 Naked Pics part 2
26:00 Speak French-Jamie Foxx feat Gucci mane
30:34 50 Cent Change of Heart?
32:46 Do you think about me-50 Cent
36:03 Echo-R.kelly
39:45 King of New York Interview
46:25 For Real-T.I feat Mullage
50:44 Local Jam-Imma Do Better-John Brown
54:43 Testing the Gangsta of Gangsta Boo
57:23 Fresh-6TreG
61:10 I love your Smile-Shanice
65:27 Perm Pill?
69:05 Kush is My Cologne-Bun B feat E-40 and Devin the Dude
Cool Kid Radio

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Have you ever received naked pics in a text, or sent them? Have you ever found a phone with them in there, or no an embarrassing story about it? Well have a laugh with the Cool Kid Crew, as we talk about Naked Pics, and why they may or may not be ...

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