Cool Kid Radio 26-Reality Shows

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Make Sure Ya'll Check out Hoop for Haiti at Ohio Dominican University This Saturday the 6th! From 1:30 to 6:30....5 dollar donation please come support....
Make sure you downloading the show, to your Zune’s, Ipods, and BLACKBERRIES! BLACKBERRIES! Simply hit the download button, take your computer transfer USB for your blackberry and click and drag it over to take Cool Kid Radio with you everywhere! Why, cuz it’s the Cool Way to Radio!!!!!!!

1:30 How Low Remix-Ludacris Feat Rick Ross and Twista
5:16 Flex-Party Boyz
9:30 Lil Freak-Usher feat Nikki Minaj
13:05 Reality Shows part I
17:05 Pants on the Ground Remix-Bun B
20:40 Reality Shows pt. II
26:20 Women Lie, Men Lie
29:55 Lemonade-Gucci Mane
33:52 Hamptons New Set of Rules
35:50 Imma Love you Right-John Brown
39:29 Slow Dance-Keri Hilson
44:10 Kingsrowe Local Artist-Wassa Name-J-Bou
47:33 Usher Resparkin ther Flame
48:55 Invented Sex Remix-Trey Songz feat Usher and Keri Hilson
53:05 Travis Porter Interview
56:20 Go Shawty Go-Travis Porter
59:50 Throwback Jam
65:02 Game caught taking Shot of Tequila..hmmmm
67:50 Pass the Dutch-Young Money
Cool Kid Radio

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COOL KID RADIO IS BACK! Kick it wit DaCoolestKidUno and Smack MArcus as they talk about reality shows! We know we all love them! Also, Hampton ...

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