Cool Kid Radio 29-Real Life vs Entertainment

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1:07 Women Lie Men Lie-Yo Gotti feat Lil Wayne
4:35 Party Boyz-Flex
9:03 Money to Blow-Birdman feat Drake and Lil Wayne
13:11 Real vs Fake Pt. I
19:15 Hyyer-Kid Cudi feat Chip the Ripper
22:43 Real vs Fake pt. II
29:14 Pretty Girls-Wale feat Gucci Mane
33:19 Young Money Signs Chris Brown?
35:50 Under-Pleasure P
39:39 On Top-Trey Songz
44:00 Kingsrowe Local Artist-Sex Fiend-Oba Rowland
48:05 Even Wacka Knows he Cant Rap!
51:33 Speak French-Jamie Foxx feat Gucci Mane
56:16 Imma Love You Right-John Brown
59:54 Throwback Jam
63:35 Jail-Z
67:45 Love King-The Dream

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Cool Kid Radio

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Join the Cool Kids Crew as we talk about the rap game and if it has become entertainment vs real life? Also in this show, Chris Brown rumored to sign with young money, Wacka ADMITS HE HAS

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