Cool Kid Radio 31-Inside a Man's Mind

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1:14 My Chick Bad-Ludacris feat Nikki Minaj
5:15 Women Lie Men Lie-Yo Gotti feat Lil Wayne
8:50 Lemonade-Gucci Mane
12:40 Inside a Man’s Mind part I
17:01 Money on My Mind-Lil Wayne
21:14 Inside a Man’s Mind part II
26:04 Say Something-Timberland feat Drake
30:00 Tranny Tales part II
32:05 Under-Pleasure P
35:55 Jupiter Love-Trey Songz
40:30 Kingsrowe Local Artist- Poo’ed Up-Fly. Union
44:00 Wack Flocka Shots fired…..
46:40 Everything to Me-Monica
48:55 Throwback Jam-R.I.P Biggie
55:15 How to get EXPLOSIVE in the Bedroom
58:25 Miss Chocolate-Lil Jon feat R. Kelly and Mario

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Cool Kid Radio

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Ladies ever wonder what men are thinking about? SURE YOU DO!! So DaCoolestKidUno and Smack Marcus are going to break the unwritten rules, and take you inside a man’s mind! In the news, 90’s R&...

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