Cool Kid Radio 34-Do Celebs Get a pass on Cheating?

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1:20 Sex Room-Ludacris feat Trey Songz
6:35 Throw it in the Bag Part II-Fabolous feat Drake
10:40 Im Back-T.I
14:15 Do Celebs get pass part I
17:30 Do you Think about me-50 Cent
20:40 Do Celebs get a pass part II
24:05 Untinkable-Alica Keys
27:55 Beyonce a Hooker?
29:40 Rude Boy-Rihanna
33:25 Love King-The-Dream
38:40 Local Jam-L.E From the Midwest
41:25 Pee Pee Diddy
43:05 Shut it Down-Drake feat The-Dream
47:05 Throwback Jam
51:35 Drake Snitichin’
53:35 Marques Houston-Noize

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Today we ask the simple question, Do celebrities get a pass on cheating? Join the Cool Kids as we answer this question. In the news, How to have sex with beyonce on a budget, Pee Pee Diddy, and Drake Snitchin’.Also Brand new hot new joints from Alicia Keys, Drake feat the Dream and Marques Houston, all on Cool Kid Radio, the Cool way to Radio.

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