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  • Sounds like: if Frank Sinatra was alive and singing folk songs....
  • Influences: Ryan Adams, Josh Ritter, Frankie S., Shakespeare, Josh Rouse, Wilco, Robert Frost, Michael Jackson
  • The deep voice that singer/songwriter Stephen Gordon possesses is as smooth as the sounds that come out of his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. This alt-country crooner holds a unique style influenced by Billy Joel, Ryan Adams, and Josh Ritter. Born on April 11, 1987, Stephen was the second eldest child to his five siblings. The family moved onto some land in Virginia when he was seven where they raised chickens for meat and eggs. “I spent my days on those six acres of pure beauty building trails and tree forts, and shooting basketball,” Stephen spoke fondly of the farm. He and his siblings were home schooled until high school. His parents were not musical at all, but they encouraged Stephen greatly. “My mom got me a guitar at a yard sale when I was 11,” Stephen said. “The next year I had four or five lessons and quit.” It didn’t take long for him to pick it back up again to let his music flow. He played Chuck Berry songs on that Texarcana guitar. “I wrote my first song in study hall in ninth grade. I was convinced I was a prodigy, and in such belief I began to pursue what would eventually try its hand at consuming me for the next many years,” Stephen said. When Stephen was in the tenth grade he made his first public performance. He played an original song for the talent show. “I couldn't believe that all those people were listening to me, I think that's when I decided I really wanted to do this,” Stephen said. He has come along way from the talent shows and playing the Tin Man in his senior year performance of “The Wizard of Oz.” He formed a band to back him when he moved to Murfreesboro, TN to attend Middle Tennessee State University. Stephen began playing at clubs such as Nashville’s Third and Lindsley, Memphis’ New Daisey and Hi-Tone, and Birmingham’s Work Play Theatre. Stephen is currently working on a new project to follow-up his last album Hello, Joseph Harold which is available on iTunes. He will continue touring and making honest records. “I play music because I love it. When I stop loving it, I'll stop playing it, but I don't see this happening any time soon,” Stephen said. He likes to make music that doesn’t necessarily please everybody and wants to progress slowly in this business in order to hone his craft. “I’m proud of what I do and plan on forever being a student of the song, and may our words die out, lest they kill us.”